Tenant Coordination

Established in 1978, Greeby has coordinated the construction and build-out of over 10,000 Tenants. Using our proprietary Tenant Coordination System, GreebyTC, our local specialists will support leasing, notify Tenants, review plans, and provide on-site management through Grand Opening!

Leasing Support

During leasing, Greeby can assist your team in a number of ways including:

  • Developing a Digital Design Criteria Manual
  • Understanding the base building systems and Tenant utility requirements
  • Reviewing and abstracting leases
  • Preparing cost estimates in support of potential Landlord provided site deliverables
  • Supporting the Leasing team, as needed, by providing feedback and input to Tenant design and construction questions

Tenant Notification

Communication with the Tenant throughout the design and build-out phase is extremely important. Greeby will oversee:

  • Sending out a ‘Welcome Letter’ introducing Owner and their role while providing access to all relevant base building drawings, criteria manuals, etc.
  • Using GreebyTC, create & maintain a database to track Tenant submittals, reviews, construction start dates, opening dates, etc.
  • Send Tenant delivery & turnover notices

Plan Reviews

Greeby will follow up with the Tenant to ensure timely submission of plans. Once received, our senior professionals will:

  • Receive and answer inquiries from Tenant and their consultants concerning construction, utilities available, routing of services, etc.
  • Review plans for quality and conformity to project design criteria
  • Critique the Tenant’s plans and make design suggestions where they fall short of design criteria
  • Communicate the results of the plan review back to the Tenant and to the development team
  • Participate in regular leasing and development meetings and provide updates on Tenant submittals, anticipated construction dates, and length of build-out

On-Site Coordination

Our experienced real estate professionals will oversee the buildout of your Tenants. This includes:

  • Holding pre-construction meeting prior to allowing the commencement of any Tenant work
  • Ensuring that all work is being carried out in a safe and professional manner
  • Monitoring on-site Tenant construction to ensure conformity with the approved plans, design criteria, and the GC Rules & Regulations
  • Coordinating Tenant’s fit-out with property management, operations, and all other relevant team members
  • Participating in regular Owner meetings if/as applicable and provide updates on Tenant submittals, anticipated construction start dates,  and length of build-out
  • Maintaining regular contact with the City building inspectors
  • Carrying out a store walk through immediately prior to the store opening and prepare a list of delinquent items


Our job is not done when a Tenant space is turned over or open. Greeby can be the one to:

  • Follow up with the Tenant’s contractor for the receipt of close-out documents and maintain a database for tracking
  • Receive the Tenant ‘as built’ drawings in electronic format and provide them to the Owner
  • Review project close-out documentation and upon satisfactory submission of such, recommend release of appropriate TI and/or Allowances, if applicable


GreebyTC is a proprietary Tenant Coordination system that Greeby developed with the input of our clients and professionals in the field. It takes the complex task of managing Tenant buildouts and tracks it on a simple, secure, and easy-to-use web-based platform that you can access from any smart device. This customizable system is the key to your project’s success!

Project Management

Acting on behalf of the Owner, Greeby will manage the pre-design, design, construction and close-out phases of your project. Our senior professionals will oversee contract administration, maintain documentation, and provide regular progress reports, all while ensuring the client’s project expectations are achieved.


Before design, Greeby assists our clients identify and prioritize the project’s goals and objectives. Our experienced professionals will help develop a Master Project Schedule that addresses all of the project’s activities. We will help you develop, solicit, negotiate and award all service contracts.

Design & Bidding

Acting as the Owner’s Representative, our professionals attend project team design meetings on a regular basis to ensure that the goals and objectives of the Owner are being met. We will conduct periodic design reviews to verify constructability of the designed systems while providing any value engineering recommendations to help the Owner save money but avoid compromising quality.

Greeby will assist in the development of a bid package and review and pre-qualify subcontractors. We will analyze the bids and provide recommendations on which are best to join your development team.


During construction, Greeby will represent your best interests throughout the project, to include:

  • On-Site Construction Oversight
  • Contract Administration
  • Change Order Review & Management
  • Vendor Coordination
  • Regulatory Agency Coordination
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Periodic Progress Reporting


When construction is complete, Greeby and the Owner create a punchlist and monitor progress until completion and Grand Opening.

We will verify that all close-out requirements are completed in a timely and efficient manner and oversee the completion and execution of all contract requirements, including final payments and release of retainage.

Development Management

Greeby’s real estate professionals have the experience and expertise to guide your team through the process of site selection, due diligence, proforma development, team assembly, contract negotiation, design & construction until Grand Opening. We were developers first, and therefore always prioritize the Owner’s best interests.

Project Evaluation

After reviewing all existing documents and assessing the site, our senior managers will assist in the creation of a Master Development Schedule, financial feasibility analysis, and will generate a project pro forma. With our experience, we can help assemble the design and construction teams and negotiate contracts.


If you are looking to sell the property, Greeby can help broker your agreement and possibly find a buyer. Looking for a partner? Let us help find you the best for your company’s needs.

Additional Services

Greeby can facilitate many real estate services your firm will need during the development process including:

  • Pro Forma Development
  • Feasibility & Entitlements
  • Existing Site/Building Assessment
  • Developing a Digital Design Criteria Manual
  • Due Diligence Reporting
  • Budgeting & Cost Modeling
  • RFP Development
  • Value Engineering
  • Permit Expediting
  • Plan Reviews
  • Architecture Services

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